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January 2018 Wallpapers

january 2018 calendar computer wallpaper

I hope everyone had a safe and exciting new years! #NewYearNewMe, am I right? I swear these last few weeks have been nothing short of a binge eating marathon. I gained 5 pounds in December, oops. And now, I must be accountable for eating all of those delicious Christmas cookies and skipping all those trips to the gym.
But don’t worry, I make being healthier is one of my new year’s resolutions every year. If you made new years resolutions, check out this blog post with tips on how to keep your resolutions all year long. With the exception of falling off the healthy wagon in December, I actually kept 4/5 resolutions last year.
Other than being healthier, I have three other resolutions: live with less, save money, and blog more. I hope to blog at least twice a month so stay tuned! In the meantime, enjoy January’s wallpapers!

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january 2018 calendar computer background

Mint For Hue | Uppercase Designs
Mospens Studio | Rae-Ritchie

january 2018 calendar phone background

Stylish Planner | Apartment 406 Designs
Wazz Publishing | Lovilee

january 2018 calendar phone wallpaper

Every-Tuesday | Inkstruck Designs
Oh So Lovely | Kelly Sugar Crafts

january 2018 calendar ipad background

Printable Project | Mel Armstrong Design
Red Stamp | Flipsnack

january 2018 calendar backgrounds 3

Lilly and Val | Clara Bour
Sarah Hearts | Kate Spade

january 2018 calendar wallpaper 3

Sugar Paper LA | Ivanka Trump
Pish and Posh Designs | Designer Blogs

january 2018 calendar wallpaper 4Candidly Keri
Britt Fabello | Edens Garden