April 2018 Wallpapers

april 2018 calendar wallpapers

Happy Easter! This year I decided to make some cute Easter treats for work and for Easter brunch, check them out on my Instagram, @blazersandbluejeans! They were super easy to make and were a huge hit! I also tried the Bone Broth Diet recently, feel free to read about that experience here. I am currently working on an overview of the Bone Broth Diet, as well as a comparison of The Whole30, Bone Broth Diet, and 21 Day Fix, so stay tuned!

I will be traveling to St. Louis, Missouri at the end of the month and also hopefully to New York in May so if there are any must dos or eats in those places, please comment below!! I hope you all have an awesome April!

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april 2018 calendar backgrounds

Uppercase Designs Ι Lilly and Val
Every Tuesday Ι Apartment 406

april 2018 calendar backgrounds

Mospens Studio Ι Hux Loves Honey
Salt Designs Ι Designer Blogs

april 2018 calendar backgrounds

Candidly Keri
(Must be subscribed) Dawn Nicole Ι (Must be subscribed) Things Unseen Designs

april 2018 calendar wallpapers

Flipsnack Ι Wazz Publishing
Inkstruck Ι Kate Spade

april 2018 calendar wallpapers

The House That Lars Built Ι Lovilee
Oh So Lovely Ι Kelly Sugar Crafts

april 2018 calendar wallpapers

Minding My Nest Ι May Designs
Ivanka Trump Ι Mel Armstrong Designs

Bone Broth Diet Week 3 Recap

bone broth diet review

Thankfully my last week on the Bone Broth diet. Read about my first week here and second week here. I ended the diet two days early because I had plans for something months before deciding I wanted to do it but 19 days is still a pretty good accomplishment! I’ll be doing a diet overview next week so stay tuned!

Day 15
So I was really nervous to go to the gym because I haven’t been in a long time and with this new diet I wasn’t sure if I would be really tired from just lifting weights or if I was just going to be a week little bitch since I haven’t gone in a long time. To my surprise, I kicked ass and when I was done lifting weights I thought to myself ‘I still feel like I have a little bit of energy‘ so I ran a mile on the treadmill on top of lifting weights and I feel really good. I ate a pretty big dinner and I’m going to fast tomorrow. Hopefully, I won’t be too hungry throughout the day because I’m usually starving on the day after I work out. Fingers crossed I can make it to dinner.

Day 16
So not only was I not eating today but one of my co-workers brought me a red velvet bundt cake with cream cheese frosting at work today. I was stuck staring at it all day and I also wasn’t eating so that sucked. Not to mention I LOVE RED VELVET. I did manage to put a slice in the freezer so I can eat it next week, clearly, this diet has taught me nothing. My body felt fine since I worked out yesterday, I’m a little sore but hunger wise I’m not like super famished which was good and I made it to dinner time 24 hours and 3 minutes to be exact. *pats self on back*

bone broth paelo dietLook at that cream cheese frosting.

Day 17
Of course, two days before I end the Bone Broth Diet, I feel totally content being on this diet and I have just accepted my misery. I felt this same way when I was doing the Whole30 and I think its just because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I think also because I have only one more day of fasting left before I can pig out and have alcohol. Again, clearly haven’t learned anything since being on this diet.

Day 18
Today was my last diet day and it was awesome. I added some pineapple to my typical berry breakfast (so exciting I know) and I went to a tasty restaurant for lunch. Usually going out to eat on any diet sucks because like all you can have is salad BUT there is a restaurant in Tampa/St.Pete called Fresh Kitchen and all they make is healthy food, not to mention they sell Paleo cookies. OMG YUM. The last meal I ate today was dinner and after tomorrow’s fast, I am going to a Mediterranean restaurant to PIG out!

bone broth paelo dietMy favorite thing to eat for breakfast.
bone broth and paleo dietFresh Kitchen to the rescue!

Day 19
Today was my last day on the Bone Broth diet. I had to end it two days early because Gasparilla is this weekend and I have had these plans for months. But I fasted all day and didn’t eat until we were at Carmel Kitchen eating dinner. I surprisingly wasn’t that hungry and just ate some chicken, vegetables, and hummus fries BUT I did have a martini and omg it was like the best thing I have ever tasted. I am proud of myself for lasting almost three weeks on this diet and most of all for surviving several fasts!

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Bone Broth Diet Week 2 Recap


bone broth diet week 2 review

Here is my Bone Broth Diet Week 2 Recap! If you want to catch up and see how my first week went, check that out here!

Day 8
So I’m a third of the way done and I’m feeling really good. I’m not as tired and groggy and I think I’m 100% over the carb flu. My skin’s not breaking out as much, I’m not as foggy headed and I don’t have a headache. Tomorrow I’ll be fasting and I’m a little nervous about that considering my first fast took me almost an entire day to get back to normal. But I’m going to listen to my body and if I feel like I need to eat something I’m going to.

Day 9
Today was a fasting day and even though it was easier than my first fast, it was definitely not easy. There was a peanut butter chocolate cake and mini fruit tarts at work today and not only could I not those treats but, I also couldn’t eat period. I seriously could not get the peanut butter scent out of my nose and my god I love peanut butter. So this time instead of going to bed starving like I did my first fast, I decided I would eat something after 24 hours. I ate dinner around 7:30 at around the 25 hour mark. It wasn’t a very big meal, just some chicken, sweet potatoes and a banana. My stomach feels really full and I think I’ll feel much better tomorrow than I did the day after my first fast.

paleo and bone broth dietOMG, look at that cake and those M&Ms 

Day 10
I’m not sure if it’s the cold weather or this diet but I have not been sleeping well for the last week. I’m not really tired during the day but I keep waking up throughout the night which is making me grumpy when I wake up and then I get even more grumpy when I realize I can’t have a donut. But tomorrow instead of fasting from dinner to dinner I’m going to try lunch to lunch and see if that’s easier.

Day 11
Alright so maybe lunch to lunch wasn’t the best idea. I’m about to go to sleep and I already had a cup of bone broth and I’m still kind of hungry and I can’t eat anything. The last time I went to bed this hungry I had a hard time falling asleep because all I could think about was food and I have a feeling the same thing is going to happen to me tonight. On the brightside, I had a really good lunch at this place called Fresh kitchen. If you live in the Tampa or st. Pete area check it out!

Day 12
Unfortunately, I was right and it took me forever to fall asleep last night because I was hungry and I kept waking up throughout the night. You can only imagine how great of a mood I was in this morning when I realized I couldn’t eat anything. Oh and did I mention someone brought in donuts and bagels to the office? Thank god for Butterscotch Blondie tea, same as the real thing right? After I had some bone broth, I wasn’t as hungry anymore. I didn’t make it to the 24-hour mark, it was more like 23 and a half when I ate lunch. After I got some food in my system I felt better and I think I’m back to normal now, just really tired since I haven’t been getting good sleep.

bone broth diet review 2Gimmie all the Tazo dessert teas!

Day 13
I didn’t work out today but I did organize my pantry and threw away expired food and food that I shouldn’t be eating…with the exception of pasta because everyone loves pasta. I also went to Target and found some cinnamon bun Larabars, my new jam! If you haven’t already tried them, please do!! It seems like trips to Target aren’t as much fun when you can’t peruse down the food isles looking at new stuff but I did manage to pick up a box of Kodiak Cakes pancake mix, to try post Bone Broth diet obviously.

bone broth diet review 3Of course, I immediately opened the box once I got in the car.

Day 14
We are at the 2-week mark, thank God. I had a headache most of the day and I wanted to go on a bike ride but I just felt so tired and my head hurt so I tried to take a nap instead and that didn’t work out. Went to sleep early tonight and I’m going to go to the gym tomorrow ( my first time since starting this diet.) I’ve done cardio on this diet but I haven’t lifted weights, actually I haven’t lifted weights all year so this should be interesting. After I eat dinner I’m going to fast and hopefully the next day I’ll be okay.

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March 2018 Wallpapers

march 2018 calendar wallpaper

How is it already March? I feel like January went by super slow and February just flew by! Here are my wallpaper picks for March. There’s lots of green (for St. Patrick’s Day obviously) and floral, groundbreaking (Devil Wears Prada reference.) Don’t forget to check out my St. Patrick’s Day Treats post with some cute and easy St. Patrick’s Day themed treats!

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march 2018 calendar background

Lovilee Ι Eva Shorey
Rae+Lilly Ι Minding My Nest

march 2018 calendar background

 Oh So Lovely
Kelly Sugar Crafts Ι Rae-Ritchie

march 2018 calendar wallpaper

 Wazz Publishing Ι Inkstruck Studios
Apartment 406 Designs Ι Every Tuesday

march 2018 calendar wallpaper

Mel Armstrong Design Ι Ivanka Trump
Flipsnack Ι Red Stamp

march 2018 calendar wallpapers

Sarah Hearts Ι Uppercase Designs
SALT Design Ι May Designs

march 2018 calendar backgrounds

Mospens Studio Ι Designer Blogs
Pink On The Cheek Ι Smashing Magazine

Bone Broth Diet: Week 1 Recap

bone broth diet week 1

So after binge eating my way through the holidays, I severely needed to detox my body. I already tried the #Whole30 (you can read about that experience here) and wanted to try something new. There are so many different kinds of diets and detoxes, and everybody’s body is different so I wanted to see if I could find a diet that worked better for my body than #Whole30.

I had already been drinking bone broth almost every day since August and a coworker had told me about Dr.Kelly Anne’s Bone Broth Diet so I figured why not give it a try. You basically eat Paleo five days out of the week and the other two you consume nothing but bone broth. Now before you freak you and stop reading, bone broth really isn’t that bad and it’s full of protein and nutrients. I will admit the first couple times I had it, I didn’t like it but now I could drink it cold (gross, I know). I had heard about the Paleo diet but I had never tried it. I did a little research on Paleo before starting and found out there is a lot of subjectiveness to the diet, which I found confusing. Some people say you can have alcohol, cheese, and potatoes and others say you can’t. I figured if I were going to do it, might as well cut it all out, so I didn’t have any alcohol or cheese and only ate sweet potatoes.

If you want to learn more about the Bone Broth diet, check out this website. If you want to learn more about eating Paleo, look here.

Day 1
So my first day wasn’t too bad. Someone brought in homemade cakes and cookies at work and I didn’t eat them. But I did put some in a Ziploc in the freezer so I could try them post-diet. I think because this is something I know I need to do it isn’t as hard but we’re only at day one so we shall see.

Day 2
Today I only consumed bone broth and boy was it a challenge. It’s not that I got sick of it but I felt like there was a subtle hunger feeling that never really went away. I am proud of myself that I went an entire day without eating anything and it just proves to me that I know I can do anything. I mean there was a bacon and cheese egg souffle from Panera (I’m wiping the drool off my face just thinking about it, and I just looked away….and cried a little inside.) My face is starting to break out and I was really foggy headed today. I am hoping that I’ll feel better tomorrow once I eat food.

Day 3
So today was a little more difficult than the last two days. I woke up feeling like I was going to pass out since the last thing I had eaten was almost 36 hours ago. The next time I fast I’m going to eat something immediately when I wake up instead of waiting to eat breakfast at work like I usually do. I was feeling really hungry all day no matter what I ate and it wasn’t until I ate dinner that I felt full. think the more times I do this I’ll get used to it and understand what works best for my body.

Day 4
I am feeling so much better than yesterday. Once I got some food into my system and my body absorbed it I got the energy I needed. I was also offered Jason’s Deli and Jimmy John’s today at work but instead, I ate my salmon and sweet potatoes. This weekend is going to suck.

Day 5
Today wasn’t bad. I think this time around I have just accepted that I can’t do very many fun things when I’m dieting since most of those things revolve around food. Tomorrow I’m taking a barre class and it’s the first time working out since starting this diet.

Day 6
My workout today was really good and afterward, I got a hemp acai bowl which was delicious. It seems like now my taste buds are starting to crave healthier foods I was really craving a banana with some cinnamon and almond butter on it. Tomorrow I’m going to grocery shopping and try a new recipe it tastes good. I’m also going to make Paleo cookies which I’m super excited about.

bone broth and paleo dietLooking so thrilled after barre. 

Day 7
So I made paleo cookies and chocolate chip cookies paleo cookies look and feel nothing like real cookies. Once I ate like three cookies they weren’t as bad but it was definitely an adjustment. I’m hoping to make something like paleo brownies soon and seeing if that taste better than the cookies. (Here is the cookie recipe if you would like to try it, thanks PaleoHacks!)

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February 2018 Wallpapers

february 2018 calendar backgrounds

Happy February! I know I say this every month but, January flew by. It seems like Christmas was just last week. I hope you all are sticking to your new year’s resolutions, I have for the most part. I completed the 21 Day Bone Broth Diet this past week (stay tuned for my diet diary and review next week!) and started listening to audiobooks on my work commute and let me tell you, GAME CHANGER. Now I actually don’t mind sitting in traffic!
Enjoy my wallpaper picks for February and if you haven’t read my Guys and Gals Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, check it out!

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february 2018 calendar backgrounds

Mel Armstrong Designs Ι Red Stamp
Flipsnack Ι Ivanka Trump

february 2018 calendar backgrounds

Apartment 406 Designs Ι Every Tuesday
Wazz Publishing Ι Inkstruck Studios

february 2018 calendar backgrounds

Giants and Pilgrims Ι Smashing Magazine
May Designs Ι Designer Blogs

february 2018 calendar wallpapers

Rae Ritchie Ι Oh So Lovely
Candidly Keri Ι Sarah Hearts

february 2018 calendar wallpapers

Uppercase Designs Ι Kate Spade
Salt Design Ι Kelly Sugar Crafts

february 2018 calendar background

Mospens Studio Ι Lovilee
Things Unseen Designs (Must be subscribed) Ι Minding My Nest

Valentines Day Gift Guide

valentines day gift ideas

Valentine’s Day is a tricky holiday. Maybe you aren’t dating anyone so you despise the holiday or maybe you are single AF or maybe you’re broke from the holidays. If you’re anything like me, you love all holidays, even the stupid made up ones, and will find any excuse to buy that important person in your life gifts. Even when my close girlfriends weren’t dating anyone I would still buy them a sweet gift because who needs a man?!
Here are some of my favorite Valentines Day gift ideas. Spend as little as $10 or as much as a couple hundred, there’s something for every budget! Don’t forget to check out my blog post on cute DIY Valentine’s Day Cards. They are super simple and are sure to put a smile on any face. Happy Valentine’s Day!

girls valentines day gift guide

womens valentines day gift ideas

Kate Spade Earrings | Swell Water Bottle | Ban.do Mug | Urban Outfitters Salt Lamp | Tory Burch Perfume | Diptyque Candle | Rifle Paper Co Planner | Sugarfina Rose Gummy Bears | Peter Thomas Roth Mask Set | MAC Lipstick

boyfriends valentines day gift guide

mens valentines day gift guide

Harry’s Travel Shave Set | The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream | Wusthof Knife Set | Nixon Watch | Sugarfina Bento Box | Socks | YSL Cologne | Burberry Wallet | Frye Briefcase | Nambe Decanter