Cute Desk Supplies That Will Make You Want to Sit at Your Desk

Lilly Pulitzer agenda with Apple Macbook Pro

Call me a total nerd but, there are few things I love more than a Lilly Pulitzer planner and a cute workspace. Whether you’re going back to school or working a full-time job, a workspace that puts you in the mood to get shit done is super important! If you have never been to my blog before, I post new computer wallpapers every month and they are sure to spruce up any workspace. You can check those out here! Here are some cute desk supplies that I use to keep my desk organized and get me in the mood to work!

Lilly Pulitzer Flamingo Planner with Marble Apple Macbook Cover

A Good Planner

I use my planner every day and I honestly can’t imagine life without it! It has all of my important dates and everything I need to accomplish each day written down. I seriously can’t imagine life without it. On top of my planner, I have a monthly desk calendar too so I can look at dates more easily. Check out some of my favorite agendas and planners below:

Fun Desk Accessories

In my opinion, desk accessories are just as important as your planner. There are tons of fun post-its, notepads, and notebooks. This might sound weird but I am a sucker for a good rollerball pen. Writing with them feels so good, I just want to keep writing. Here are some of my favorite cute desk supplies and accessories, including some Glaze gel pens!

A Functional Work Bag

So technically these aren’t cute desk supplies but, they are still cute! If you’re like me and bring your laptop home from work, a good work bag or tote bag is a must! I have several tote bags that I use but one of my favorites is a Kate Spade bag that has cupcakes and french macarons all over it. In my opinion, a perfect bag has pockets inside, is big enough to fit my Macbook, and has a strap long enough for me to put it on my shoulder. Here are some of my favorites including a Dagne Dover tote, which I am dying to buy!

For the Classic Gal

If you want to give your desk a more modern and sleek look, Kate Spade is a must! Their desk accessories and witty and classic looking so they will never go out of style. Here are some of my favorite desk Kate Spade supplies!

For the Quirky Gal

If you’re more quirky like me (I have a tape dispenser in the shape of a shoe), these desk accessories are right up your alley. is more colorful and playful than most desk supplies but that is why I love it!

For the Rustic Gal

Anthropologie and Rifle Paper Co. have some really cute desk accessories if you want a more rustic look. I can honestly say that I am obsessed with Rifle Paper Co. and everything they create. Below are some of my favorite picks from Anthropologie and Rifle Paper Co.

blazers and blue jeans signature

Back to School Shopping

back to school shopping

I hate school but I love school supplies. Growing up when I would have to go back to school shopping, I would look at all the school supplies with a twinkle in my eye. I would get the Lisa Frank folders with the matching pens, the hot pink pencil case. Thinking about buying Lisa Frank school supplies makes me feel so old!

Now that I am older and no longer in school, I still love getting supplies for my work and home desks. Having a cute working environment not only makes me more motivated but it makes work feel less like work.

Here are some of my favorite finds for school supplies. I love a bold print so there’s lots of Lilly Pulitzer and you can never go wrong with Kate Spade. Enjoy!

back to school backpacks

1 Herschel Supply Co Backpack Ι 2 Longchamp Backpack Ι 3 Vera Bradley Pencil Pouch Ι 4 Volcom Backpack Ι 5 Jansport Backpack Ι 6 Sole Society Backpack Ι 7 Kate Spade Pencil Pouch Ι 8 Woouf Pencil Pouch Ι 9 North Face Backpack

back to school calendars

1 Sugar Paper Calendar Ι 2 Planner Ι 3 Rifle Paper Co Planner Ι 4 Lilly Pulitzer Planner Ι 5 Kate Spade Calendar Ι 6 Rifle Paper Co Calendar 

back to school mugs

1 Kate Spade Mug Ι 2 Dot & Bo Mug Ι 3 Dot & Bo Mug Ι 4 Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler Ι 5 Fringe Studio Mug

back to school desk flair

1 Betsey Johnson Pen Ι 2 Kate Spade Desk Accessories Ι 3 Yankee Candle Ι 4 Lilly Pulitzer Box Ι 5 Vera Bradley Notes Ι 6 Rachel George Tape Dispenser Ι 7 Lilly Pulitzer Pens Ι 8 Sugar Paper Clip Holder Ι 9 Kate Spade Stapler Ι 10 Sugar Paper Office Supply Ι 11 Phone Charger Ι 12 Rifle Paper Co Notesend

Eight Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Pop


LinkedIn is a great resource when it comes to building your network, finding a job and showing off your accomplishments. With over 414 MILLION users, it’s important to make your profile stand out from the rest so you can land your dream job. Here are 8 tips to make your LinkedIn profile pop!

Customize Your URL

Customizing your URL makes your profile look more professional and makes it easier to share. Put it on your resume, put it in your email signature, put it on your business card, put that shit on everything. To change your URL simply sign into your account > view your profile > click on the settings icon next to your current URL.

Add a Professional Picture

This should be a no brainier. Adding a profile picture can result in 14 times more profile views than someone without a profile picture but remember, this isn’t Facebook or Instagram so be professional. If you don’t have a professional head shot, don’t sweat it. Pinterest can be a great resource for outfit inspiration and different posing ideas. Just have a friend take them on their iPhone.

Come Up With a Killer Summary

Think of your summary as your elevator pitch. This gives you the opportunity to talk about your background, any work experience and what your career goals are. The key to creating a great summary is to differentiate yourself from your competition and to use keywords that align with the jobs you are applying for. You can also add work samples and projects to highlight some of your relevant experience.

Keep Your Profile Up to Date

I can’t tell you how many times companies have reached out to me on LinkedIn trying to recruit me for positions. The great thing about your LinkedIn profile is that it can be viewed 24/7 by almost anyone, including hiring managers and recruiters. If they are impressed by what they see on your profile, they won’t hesitate to reach out to you.

Don’t Focus on Endorsements, Focus on Recommendations

While adding skills to your profile is important, don’t focus on getting your skills endorsed. The truth about endorsed skills is that anyone of your connections can endorse you, even if they don’t know you or have never worked with you before. If you have a skill or position that you really want to emphasize, have someone write you a recommendation to post on your page. A personal recommendation speaks volumes compared to an endorsement for Microsoft Office.

Volunteer Experience  Can be Just as Important as Work Experience

If you don’t have any any relevant work experience, volunteering is a great way to gain experience. Volunteer Match is a great resource that lets LinkedIn users view upcoming volunteer opportunities in your city. Even if you aren’t volunteering in a role that is specific to your career, it shows hiring managers that you are well rounded, not to mention it could lead into a networking opportunity.

Only Add Relevant Education

I am sure you might be impressed with yourself that you graduated from college and got an A+ in your freshmen english class but employers won’t be. Only list relevant courses that will pertain to your career. This is also a great area to add any school projects that you completed but remember, only relevant projects not your biology project on the evolution of tortoises.

Add Your Industry

This is incredibly important if you are looking for a new job in a new industry or you are trying to break into an industry you don’t have much experience in. When recruiters and HR managers are looking through profiles, they filter through potential candidates by looking at your industry. Think of it this way, if they are looking for a candidate who works in the accounting industry, they are not going to waste their time looking at a profile that is in the Logistics and Supply Industry. Not to mention those who list an industry earn 15 times more profile views.


*Some information has been sourced from LinkedIn and Hubspot.