Valentines Day Gift Guide

valentines day gift ideas

Valentine’s Day is a tricky holiday. Maybe you aren’t dating anyone so you despise the holiday or maybe you are single AF or maybe you’re broke from the holidays. If you’re anything like me, you love all holidays, even the stupid made up ones, and will find any excuse to buy that important person in your life gifts. Even when my close girlfriends weren’t dating anyone I would still buy them a sweet gift because who needs a man?!
Here are some of my favorite Valentines Day gift ideas. Spend as little as $10 or as much as a couple hundred, there’s something for every budget! Don’t forget to check out my blog post on cute DIY Valentine’s Day Cards. They are super simple and are sure to put a smile on any face. Happy Valentine’s Day!

girls valentines day gift guide

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Kate Spade Earrings | Swell Water Bottle | Mug | Urban Outfitters Salt Lamp | Tory Burch Perfume | Diptyque Candle | Rifle Paper Co Planner | Sugarfina Rose Gummy Bears | Peter Thomas Roth Mask Set | MAC Lipstick

boyfriends valentines day gift guide

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Harry’s Travel Shave Set | The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream | Wusthof Knife Set | Nixon Watch | Sugarfina Bento Box | Socks | YSL Cologne | Burberry Wallet | Frye Briefcase | Nambe Decanter


My Whole30 Experience

whole 30 diet overview

So back in August I completed the Whole30 and I have been meaning to write a blog post about my overall experience but of course, life got in the way. My bad! I journaled how I was feeling throughout the whole experience (check them out here: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, and the Reintroduction Phase) but, I wanted to dive deeper into some of the things I liked and didn’t like and if I would ever consider completing this miserable diet ever again.

So Why The Whole30?

My reason for doing the Whole30 in one sentence, because I was beyond obsessed and addicted to sugar and didn’t know how to control myself. I tried The 21 Day Fix earlier this year and managed to lose weight but I think because you have to measure your foods and are only allowed to eat a certain number of servings a day from each food group, it wasn’t sustainable for me. Because let’s be honest, I am lazy AF. I had also tried Weight Watchers but again, since I am lazy AF, I hated typing everything into my diary to see how many points I used. With the Whole30, you can eat as much food as you want, as long as it meets the specific criteria. Not to mention, there are so many recipes and shopping guides for the Whole30 on Pinterest. All I really had to do was find a recipe I liked and use the guide to go shopping.

My Favorite Resources

Trader Joe’s Whole30 Compliant Foods

Whole30 Snacks

What I Liked.

So here are the things I did like on the Whole30….
For starters, I went to the gym a total of 2 times on the Whole30 and still managed to lose 11 pounds. Granted some of that was water weight but, I still lost weight. Prior to the Whole30, I was going to the gym 2 or 3 times a week and going to a spin class or long bike ride on the weekend but wasn’t really losing any weight. Probably because I was stuffing my face with cookies every night and justifying it with, ‘but I’m working out so it’s okay’. The Whole30 really showed me that, it’s not just about how often you work out or how many calories you burn working out, you have to eat the right food too.

Another thing that  I loved was that I could eat as much as I wanted. Yes, I was limited as to what kinds of foods I could eat but I could still eat as much food as I wanted to. I mean I think I ate potatoes at almost every meal because it was the closest thing to pasta and bread that I could have.  I also loved the fact that I didn’t have to measure anything or keep track of my calorie intake. I loathed that about my previous diets because it becomes such a pain in the ass and makes me not want to do it.

After the initial first few days of withdrawal hell, I felt really good. Instead of feeling sluggish and tired, I felt refreshed when I woke up and energized throughout the day. I continued to feel this way throughout the entire diet.

Pretty much all you can eat on the Whole30 is natural food and while it sucked, it felt like such a good change from all the sugary and processed food I had been eating. I never finished a meal feeling sick because everything I ate was natural, minimally processed food. I always felt good about what I was putting into my body and never, regretted eating anything.

What I Didn’t Like.

Of course, with positives come negatives. Here are the things that I didn’t like about the Whole30…
I seriously couldn’t eat like 95% of the food at the grocery store. Pretty much if it wasn’t found in the meat or produce department, I couldn’t eat it. I mean do you know how hard it is to find bacon with no added sugar? Well let me tell you, twenty labels and three grocery stores later, I found one brand! And it was twice as expensive as the other brands! It was super challenging to find prepared foods or minimally processed foods that were Whole30 friendly at the store but once I found something that was compliant and I liked it, I pretty much bought it every week.

So in theory, you can go out to eat on Whole30. You could eat at restaurants that serve sushi or Chipotle or most steakhouses but let’s be totally honest. Are you really going to want to sit with people eating rice and fried food and butter while you basically sit there eating protein and maybe some vegetables? Uh hell no! I went out to eat at a sushi restaurant once and was miserable the whole time because my boyfriend was chowing down on curry and rice while I was left eating chunks of tuna dipped in coconut amino acid. That being said, you basically have zero social life during the Whole30.

Another thing that I hated was the fact that there is zero cheating. It’s basically an all or nothing for 30 days. No cheat meals, no cheat days, I mean Jesus, not even a freaking cheat snack. Let’s be honest, sometimes after an awful day at work or when it’s that time of the month, you just want to relax and eat comfort food. But none of that here. Here, eat this Larabar because that’s the closest thing you’re going to get to dessert. Plus on top of that, you aren’t even supposed to replicate healthy versions of desserts.

I would say the worst part of the Whole30 was the awful mood I was in for almost an entire month. I found it so annoying and frustrating that I was constantly surrounded by food that I couldn’t eat. I would be eating my Epic Bar while watching people eat slices of cake, bread rolls, cheese. I mean all I wanted was a bite! Around 28 days in, I finally came to terms with how miserable my life was and I wasn’t in such an awful mood but at that point, I had two days left. Always such great timing.


So overall I realized how sugar was in basically all foods, including foods that shouldn’t have any sugar in them (um hello bacon?!). Pretty much if you aren’t buying it from the produce section or from the butcher, it probably has some form of added sugar in it. Now when I am going grocery shopping and I am buying a food or brand I don’t normally buy, I read the label just to see what the ingredients are. I still stick to mostly compliant Whole30 foods, with the exception of hummus and peanut butter. Oh and desserts because I am weak AF.

That leads me to my next lesson, bad foods are okay in moderation. Sure it probably wouldn’t be a good idea if I ate several spoonfuls of peanut butter every day, but if I ate a tablespoon or two with my banana some mornings, that’s okay. Living life on a constant diet like Whole30 or paleo is pretty unrealistic because life happens. Some days you don’t have time to meal prep or cook dinner or maybe you’re on vacation in France and they don’t have Whole30 compliant restaurants because of its freaking France and that’s okay. Just eat the damn croissant and walk it off.

So would I do the Whole30 again? Absolutely. Don’t get me wrong, it was incredibly challenging, frustrating and depressing most of the month but I felt very accomplished and good about my self after. I felt like my body needed a good reset and boy did it get it. I plan on doing shorter versions of the Whole30 in the future when I get back from vacation or after the holidays.

The biggest thing to remember is that a diet isn’t going to change your eating habits forever or keep the weight you have lost off. It is just a step in the right direction, towards a lifestyle change.

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Whole30 Reintroduction Phase

whole30 reintroduction phase

I seriously can not even believe that I completed the #Whole30. Six months ago, if you would have told me that I would be able to survive a month without sugar, dairy, and bread, I would have laughed in your face. Yet here we are and I still find myself laughing. I am only laughing because I was so miserable during the Whole30 and didn’t actually accept how awful my life was until like day 27. If you want to read my weekly recaps check them out here: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4.
Originally when I was planning my Reintroduction Phase, I was going to spread it across ten days but because of Hurricane Irma and my stress levels, I condensed it to 7. Check out my recap of my Whole30 Reintroduction Phase below!


Day 1 [Reintroducing Legumes]
I have never been this excited about peanut butter in my life. I put it on my banana this morning and I swear I felt like someone could have cut off my fingers and I would have been okay with it, as long as I had that peanut butter and banana in my mouth. After that I proceeded to just eat the peanut butter straight and I was just in heaven. I got home and had peanut butter on my apple. I just couldn’t stop!

Day 2
Well this is super depressing. I ate so much peanut butter yesterday and now I can’t eat any. I put almond butter on my apple and it just wasn’t the same. Anyone who tells you that almond butter is better than peanut butter really needs to re-evaluate their life because peanut butter is LIFE. I also brought in chocolate chip cookies to work and I didn’t have one, not even a crumb. Before Whole30, I would have probably had like 3 and guess what, I don’t even like chocolate chip cookies! Since I felt fine today, I decided to skip the 2 days and have sushi tomorrow. Or maybe it’s because I am so freaking excited to eat sushi, I can’t wait any longer!

Day 3 [Reintroduting Nongluten Grains]
I feel like I have been waiting for this day my whole life. I looked at the sushi menu and I literally couldn’t even decide what to order because I wanted it all. Usually when I get sushi I get two rolls and they are most likely fried in some way. I decided to switch it up and ordered two raw rolls and two pieces of nigiri because everything is so much better with rice. Surprisingly, I only managed to eat half of each roll and a piece of nigiri before I tapped out. I swear the Whole30 made my stomach shrink because I was sooo full and couldn’t eat anymore after only one roll. Oh sushi how I missed you.

Day 4
Wow I woke up with a pounding headache and I am not sure if it is from the sushi or if I just randomly got a headache. I stuck to my usual Whole30 day eating wise, with the exception of some much needed Advil to get my headache under control. I felt better towards the end of the day but I am really hoping it wasn’t the sushi that gave me a headache because that would be really depressing for me. An Asian that can’t eat sushi, that sounds so unnatural and it even pains me to type it.

Day 5
Since I am not sure what caused my headache, I am sticking to my Whole30 diet today and not reintroducing any new food. Even though I know I am okay with peanut butter, I want to make sure my body feels good before I start to eat the reintroduced foods on a regular basis. Oh peanut butter, how much I miss you!

Day 6 [Reintroduce Dairy]
Ahh another day I have been waiting for. I already don’t drink milk so I don’t care about that but oh how I have missed cheese and ice cream. I decided to have a couple spoonfuls of Halotop Ice Cream, I know it’s not real ice cream but it’s what I had in my freezer. Either I haven’t had ice cream in such a long time so I forgot what it tasted like or Halotop is the shit. Birthday Cake Halotop everyday! I also had a few bites of coconut cream pie and it was soo tasty. But after three bites I felt content with how much I ate and didn’t feel like I needed to eat anymore. Man this Whole30 has really done a number on my sweet tooth, thank god. Maybe I have a chance at not becoming a diabetic after all.

Day 7 [Reintroduce Gluten Containing Grains]
So I woke up this morning feeling fine and when I got to the office, I found out they were having pizza delivered for lunch. I couldn’t say no! There were also some garlic knots but I told myself that if I ate pizza, I could only have one slice and I had to eat it with fruit. So I did and it was so delish. After I ate my slice, I felt full and content like I didn’t want another slice because I satisfied my pizza craving. I love pizza and only having one slice and feeling okay is a pretty big deal for me. Through the reintroduction phase, I have learned that things in moderation are okay and if I am craving something, it really only takes a few bites for me to satisfy my craving.

Whole30 Week 4 Recap

whole30 diet review

The end of the #whole30 challenge is near and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!! Thank god! I know this post is a little delayed but thanks to Hurricane Irma, I have been a little preoccupied and I just rejoined the world wide web this morning thanks to a 5 day no internet cleanse (thanks Spectrum!) In case you missed my first post on my #whole30 challenge, read it here, if you want to read my week 2 recap, read it here or if you want to read my third week of misery, catch it here. Read the last week of my Whole30 journey below!


Day 22
AM: Before I even thought about doing the Whole30, I made reservations to eat at Bern’s Steakhouse to celebrate my mom’s birthday. If you haven’t heard of Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa, look it up. It is a pretty well known steakhouse and they have their own Dessert Room upstairs (need I say more?!). When I decided to do the Whole30, I told myself that I would be able to cheat for this one meal because who the hell goes to Bern’s on a diet?! Well the day has finally come and I decided I need to stay strong and stick to my diet. I am not a steak eater, really even a beef eater so figuring out what to eat is going to be incredibly difficult. Ah hopefully I don’t stab myself with one of their fancy steak knives.

PM: What an incredibly hard dinner that was. Every time the waiter brought us food, I kindly said no and just watched my mom and brother eat it. I mean if I had to imagine the pain I would feel turning away $100 for no reason, this would be it. The worst part was the dessert room. I mean I LOVE DESSERT more than most things in life and while my brother ate his banana cheese pie and my mom had her dessert sampler, which had 5 different desserts, I ate a carrot cake Larabar. I SWEAR A PART OF ME DIED TONIGHT. The silver lining is that I ordered not one but two desserts to go to put in my freezer so I can enjoy them post Whole30. Muahahahaha.

whole 30 diet reviewMe staring at my moms desserts while she laughs at my misery.

Day 23
Today wasn’t too bad. My work has a program called Well-being Wednesday and they encourage you to wear workout clothes to work and they usually have different vendors there that are health and wellness related. Today Hand and Stone Massage was there giving massages. Oh how I love my job! Tomorrow I also have a biometric screening at work for my health insurance and talk about good timing. Since I have been doing the Whole30 and losing weight, I should pass all my numbers with flying colors. FINGERS CROSSED.

Day 24
OH MY GOD. I had my biometric screening today at work and I shit you not, I was in total shock. I passed all of my numbers for cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI (which has like never fucking happened before), triglycerides, I mean you name it and I passed it. When I did my screening in March this year, I didn’t pass my BMI and I was borderline with my cholesterol. I was shocked about my BMI because even though I had lost weight, I didn’t think it was enough to pass. I remember back when I was in college, I gained 30 pounds my sophomore year (ha screw the freshmen 15, I am an overachiever clearly.) I went to my annual and they decided to do some blood work since I had gained weight. When they checked my triglycerides, they were so high (like in the 230’s) that my doctor made me see a nutritionist. This time when they checked my triglyceride levels, they were 89!!! Like holy shit, talk about a 180! *picks up jaw off the ground*

Day 25
Que Vanessa Carlton’s Ordinary Day. I think now I have come to terms with how sucky my life has become when it comes to food. I only have 5 more days left and now I have come to terms with this diet. Story of my life.

Day 26
So tomorrow I am going to a Game of Thrones finale party and of course I decided that I was going to bake something to bring. Not just one cake BUT TWO AND SOME BAKED BRIE. Again, such an overachiever. I usually like to try new recipes when it comes to baking but since I can’t taste test any of it I decided to stick to my boxed mix (tweaked with some extra ingredients) and a cream cheese recipe that had like 2000 positive reviews on All Recipes. Ugh making cakes when you cant have any is hard, I mean a little piece of me died when I walked to the sink to wash the dishes without licking the bowl or spatula. Who does that?! I have good faith that these cakes will look and taste delish though!

Day 27
OMG as if decorating these cakes wasn’t enough, having to look and smell them all day was down right torturous! Not to mention the baked brie that looked SOOO good. They were all a huge hit at the party and I was a sad little girl eating my Whole30 orange chicken I made while everyone was eating dinner rolls and cheese. I did manage to save myself a slice of each so I can taste them post Whole30. I swear right now my freezer looks like the dessert section of Publix and I’m not angry about it.

Day 28
Started off my day running late and when I got to work I realized I forgot my laptop at home. That has pretty much set the tone for the rest of the day. I could really use a Dunkin Donuts iced latte and a doughnut to make me feel better. But instead I’ll have a cup of beef bone broth and a bowl of mixed berries, same thing right?

Day 29
SWEET BABY JESUS, THE END IS NEAR. Of course, now that I am finally used to the Whole30, I am almost done with it. I am going to do a reintroduction phase after I am done so technically I still have another 11 days left but still. SO CLOSE

Day 30
Ah the last day. I imagine the way I feel right now is the same way people feel when they are on ecstasy,  so excited you just want to dance! I keep thinking about all the desserts I have stockpiled in my freezer and which one I am going to have first. After the reintroduction phase of course tehehe. I made a list of the different foods I am going to eat during the reintroduction phase and I am sooooo excited to eat sushi again. I mean I am half Asian, eating rice like 3x a week is in my blood, its only natural I am most excited to eat it again. Oh an peanut butter, peanut butter is LIFE.  I went to a spin class today and had a really good ride. I wasn’t in the mood to go but when I got there I told myself to finish strong and really pushed myself. I am so happy I am about to finally cross the finish line.

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September 2017 Wallpapers

september 2017 calendar backgrounds

Happy September guys! I’m sure you might have noticed a couple new things on the blog. I felt like after a year and a half, it needed a little face lift. I hope you like the new blog and logo and hopefully, it’s easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Let me know what you think!
ICYMI (in case you missed it, for those of you who don’t know what ICYMI stood for) I was completing the #Whole30 in August and have weekly posts about my experience. Check out Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3! I am currently doing the reintroduction phase so I am not totally out of the woods yet but I’ll be posting my Week 4 in a few days and an overview post so stay tuned!
Oh and we also launched a Blazers and Blue Jeans Instagram so be sure to give us a follow @blazersandbluejeans!

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eptember 2017 calendar backgrounds Ι Inkstruck Studio
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By Dawn Nicole Ι Red Stamp
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Mel Armstrong Ι Minding My Nest
Kelly Sugar Crafts Ι Virgo and Paper

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Soggy Musings Ι Loveilee
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Whole30 Week 3 Recap

whole30 diet recap

I am past the halfway point of the #whole30 challenge and I am still counting down the days until I can eat peanut butter, bread and ice cream (in moderation of course). In case you missed my first post on my #whole30 challenge, read it here, or if you want to read my week 2 recap, read it here. Read my Week 3 recap below!


Day 15
Woke up with a headache this morning, I think it’s from not drinking enough water and going to spin yesterday. I’m also still not caught up on sleep yet so an iced latte with almond milk and caramel from Dunkin Donuts sounded amazeballs this morning. Oh and I had an event to go to after work so I was surrounded by a pasta station, alcohol and a smorgasbord of desserts for a solid hour and a half. Ugh today was a long day and I would really love a strong martini.

Day 16
Not sure if it was the alfalfa sprouts from my turkey burger or the turkey burger itself, but if I have another bite I will seriously vomit. THANK GOD FOR POTATOES. Since I started this I have eaten: sweet potatoes, red potatoes, regular potatoes, purple potatoes and fingerling potatoes. And it’s only day 16. All I can say is that roasted potatoes are THE SHIT and I had no idea this many potatoes even existed.

Day 17
I swear, I really feel like I can’t look forward to the weekend anymore because of this diet. In my opinion, the weekend is for drinking, brunch, sushi, getting ice cream and sleeping in. The only thing I can do from that list that is even remotely enjoyable is sleeping in. Plus tomorrow I have to go to Flemings for dinner and they have the best blueberry lemon drop martini, which I won’t be able to drink. On a side note, I’m not craving sweets as much anymore but it’s still depressing to not be able to eat or indulge in anything.

Day 18
Woke up today with another headache and I am not sure why. Plus I haven’t been sleeping well the last few nights. I am not going to have any fruit after dinner and see if that helps me stay asleep. I decided to schedule a massage for tomorrow because I fucking deserve it. On a positive note, my coworker told me that my skin was glowing today *totally feeling myself*

Day 19
Ugh sitting at Flemings watching everyone drink blueberry lemon drop martinis while eating bread and butter was so hard. Luckily I ordered a baked potato and to zero surprise, I pulled out some ghee from my purse and lathered that baby up. I will say that I woke up this morning feeling skinny. Like I looked in the mirror at myself naked for a solid ten minutes and was again *totally feeling myself* Even though I woke up feeling skinny, I still wish I had a blueberry lemon drop martini.

Day 20
I got my massage last night (a 90 minute relaxation massage if you’re wondering) and I woke up this morning feeling like I got hit by a bus. My body is so sore and all I want to do is lay in bed and watch Netflix (and eat some Ben and Jerrys but we all know that’s not going to happen) but instead I have to go to the grocery store and meal prep for the week. Oh and I am going to make some lemon cookies for work since I ave been so sour tehehehe. Let’s hope I won’t want to kill myself during the baking process.

Day 21
whole 30 diet lemon cookiesLemon cookies because my attitude has been sour is the marketing side of me coming out. So usually when I bake anything, I lick the bowl. And when I say lick, I mean there is no more batter left because I have scraped it all off with either my tongue or my fingers (what a nice visual). Licking the batter is THE BEST PART OF BAKING. Well let me just say that this baking experience did not involve any licking. Instead it involved a sad walk to the kitchen sink where I washed all the delicious batter out of the bowl *wipes tears off of face*.  My coworkers seemed to really enjoy them which is all that really matters *insert eye roll*. Baking and not eating any of my cookies has really shown me that my mind is a lot stronger than I think it is. I remember before I started the Whole30, sugar would consume my thoughts after every meal and now it might make me sad a little but it doesn’t affect me the way it used to. That’s progress right?

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Whole30 Week 2 Recap

whole 30 diet week 2 recap

In case you missed my first post on my #whole30 challenge, read it here! Lets just say that overall, week two was no walk in the park. Even though my body wasn’t hurting as much, I still missed sugar…and bread….and peanut butter…and oatmeal…I mean the list goes on. Read my week 2 recap below! Please enjoy and live vicariously through my misery.


Day 8
So I know you are not supposed to weigh yourself on Whole30 but I couldn’t help it. I needed some sort of encouragement that all this misery was paying off. I mean every time I tell someone I am doing the Whole30, they give me the weirdest look and ask all confused, “But why?” GOOD FUCKING QUESTION! Anyways, I’m down four pounds and I feel like a newborn baby! The doughnut craving isn’t as strong as it was in the beginning of the first week but I would still do some pretty unethical things for a slice of cake or some ice cream.

Day 9
WOW. Today I ate a Pineapple Upside Down Cake Larabar (the closest thing to cake I’ll be getting to cake for another 21 days, but who is counting?!) and it was so good. It tasted like a sweet slice of heaven. I will say though, I really think my taste buds are starting to change because I thought it was almost too sweet. I literally don’t even know who I am anymore.

Day 10
whole 30 cupcakesSomeone at work today brought in cupcakes and sat them right across from desk. I MEAN REALLY. WHAT AM I BEING PUNISHED FOR?! As I was sitting at my desk, I felt like they were all staring deep into my soul chanting “EAT US, EAT US, EAT US!” so I decided to relocate into the conference room for the day. Throw in some last minute canceled meetings and a bland turkey burger with some veggies for lunch and you can only imagine the fantastic mood I was in *rolls eyes*

Day 11
whole 30 sushiAM: I know that fruit strips are frowned upon during the Whole30 but I found a brand at Whole Foods that has zero added sugar and all the sugar comes directly from the fruit. Thank god I found these because they have been a godsend for this fantastic day I am having. Tonight I’m going to get some sushi (with my coconut-amino-acid-pretend-soy-sauce of course) and I am so excited. I love sushi.
PM: Let me correct my earlier statement, I don’t love sushi. I love sushi rolls covered in rice. Sashimi is not covered in rice and therefore I did not like it and will not be getting sushi on this diet again. It was so torturous to eat raw fish slices, while my boyfriend chowed down on actual sushi rolls. I mean I am half Asian, I was basically drolling across the table watching him eat rice.

Day 12
Today I went rock climbing which was a nice change from my normal workouts. Of course I ate before and brought Epic Bars and RX Bars in case I got hungry and didn’t have anything to eat. This whole no sugar/grains/anything remotely tasty rule makes my weekends suck so much ass. Uh I’m sorry but watching Netflix on a Saturday really isn’t as much fun as when you’re watching it with your boys, Ben and Jerry. How many more days are left?

Day 13
If you know me, you know I love Sweedish Princess Cake. The only place I have ever been able to find it is at Ikea, so everytime I make a trip to Ikea, I always get some. Well today, I went to Ikea and I left empty handed. Instead of leaving with four delicious cakes covered in marzipan, I left with three boxes of shitty furniture. By the way if anyone wants to like totally ruin their day, go to Ikea on a Sunday afternoon (preferably around 3pm) and then just as you’re walking out, make sure it starts to downpour. I swear, it works every time! The plus about today was seeing John Mayer in concert. Not so much the being surrounded by a bunch of people drinking beer, eating french fries and chicken tenders.

Day 14
Carrot Cake Larabar. MY. NEW. FAVORITE. OMG GET IN MY MOUTH. This is the greatest thing I have eaten in two weeks. I had to go to a spin class today because I forgot to cancel and I actually had such a good workout. Like my workouts are so much better now that I am not eating a bunch of fried, processed and sugary foods. Don’t get me wrong though, I still want to eat all of the above.


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