• November 2018 Calendar Wallpapers
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    November 2018 Calendar Wallpapers

    Happy November! I hope everyone is enjoying pumpkin spice everything and the sweater weather! I know it is only the beginning of November but I already started making my Christmas list and I even started buying Christmas gifts. If you know me at all, you know that I am such a planner and want to make sure I don’t forget anyone on my list! Am I the only one already thinking about Christmas before Thanksgiving has even happened? Speaking of Thanksgiving, be sure to check out my Cookie Butter Pie Recipe! It is a no-bake pie and I only make it around the holidays and let me tell you it is quite the…

  • October 2018 Calendar Background
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    October 2018 Wallpapers

    Is it just me or did September fly by? Like how is it already October?! September was a busy month for me, I traveled to Charleston, Boston, and Virginia, and managed to move somewhere in between. I am almost all settled in my new home and can’t wait to show you all how I decorated it! But in the meantime, here are this month’s wallpapers that are sure to get you in the fall and Halloween spirit and some of the things I am obsessing over this fall. While you are here be sure to check out Oh So Lovely’s 2019 Free Printable Calendars! She designed 46 options and I…

  • September 2018 Calendar Wallpaper
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    September 2018 Wallpapers

    Happy almost Fall guys!! I am seriously counting down the days when it will be socially acceptable for me to fill the house with apple cinnamon candles and fake pumpkins. Did you also know that September is National Self Improvement Month? I recently published a blog post titled, Five Things You Can Do To Be A Better Version Of Yourself. Be sure to check it out because let’s be honest, we all have room for improvement! Here are some things that I am loving for Fall! Lovilee I Wazz Publishing Uppercase Designs I Jonathan Woodward Studio Every Tuesday I Inkstruck Studio Flipsnack I Kate Spade Smashing Magazine To Live Beautifully…

  • August 2018 Calendar Wallpapers
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    August 2018 Wallpapers

    Happy August! I’m sure many of you have noticed that my blog looks a little different, and you don’t need to get your eyes checked because it is different. I recently switched over my domain site and what a nightmare that was! I apologize if you visited my site and it was down, so sorry! Apparently, the theme I previously had is no longer available so I had to switch to the updated version which I don’t love. I’m going to do a little tweaking in the next month so stay tuned. Also, if you haven’t already, check out my latest blog post that has some of the desk supplies…

  • July 2018 Calendar Wallpaper
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    July 2018 Wallpapers

    Happy July!! I hope everyone is having a great summer and staying cool. Fourth of July is right around the corner and I have the perfect dessert for the occasion! My Lemon Berry Tiramisu will be sure to please any crowd. The tartness from the lemon, mixed with richness of the the mascarpone cheese, and the sweetness from the berries make the PERFECT combination. Everyone loves this dessert everytime I make it. I also recently published a blog post about my trip to New York City. If you know me, you know I love sweets and I shared my 7 Sweet Spots in NYC. Be sure to check it out if…