DIY Valentines Day Cards


You know what makes crafts ten times more fun? Alcohol and your girlfriends!

I’ve rounded up ten easy DIY Valentines Day cards you can make for your man-and when I say easy, I mean easy enough a drunk girl could do it. Seriously.

So round up your gals tonight, grab some wine and cheese, put on The Notebook and craft away!

  1. Wax & Watercolor, Style Me Pretty


This card is incredibly simple and all you need are some white crayons, paper and watercolor paint.

2. You Blow Me Away, Lauren Conrad


This card is easy to make, and who doesn’t love a good pun?

3. You Are The King of My Heart, Martha Stewart


A card suited for someone who loves to hit the casino.

4. Heartstrings Valentines Day Card, Martha Stewart


This card might be a little challenging if you’ve had one too many glasses of wine, but it’s worth the work once it’s finished.

5. Scratch Off Hearts, BHG


This is the perfect card for someone who plays the lottery.

6. 3-D Accordion Cards, Martha Stewart


This tutorial offers templates and directions for 3-D cards that look so professional he’ll think you purchased them on Etsy (if he even knows what Etsy is).

7. Constellation Cards, Kanel Strand


If your man is into space or you’re good at sewing, this card is perfect for you.

8. Map Your Love, JS Online

MJS valentine-map.jpg

You can make this card even cuter with the tagline “You’re The World To Me” under the map.

9. You’re My Perfect Match, Julie Blanner

printable valentine's card

All you have to do is glue a match to the front of the card. Need I say more?

10. I Love You More Than…, Alyssa and Carla


You could also write, “We go together like peanut butter and jelly, eggs and bacon, salt and pepper, peas and carrots, milk and cookies…”


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