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Fourth of July BBQ

fourth of july bbq guide

Planning a party always sounds so much better when its planned in your head. You think of how fun it will be to go to Michaels and get decorations, how yummy the food will taste when its cooking on the grill and how everyone will be having a good time because alcohol will be flowing.

But when it comes to actually sitting down and executing, planning a party sounds awful. You’ll have to find food recipes, create shopping lists and imagine what decor you could buy without having your backyard look like a huge glittery red white and blue bomb went off.

Lucky for you, not only do I love planning but I also love themed parties (and dessert but who is keeping track)! Celebrating a national holiday gives you the opportunity to throw great themed party and gives you the excuse to invite all of your friends over to day drink.

Here are some great decor, food and drink ideas so you can throw a fun Fourth of July BBQ with only half the work!

fourth of july decorations

Burlap Starfish Wreath Ι Easy Patriotic Table Decor Ι Patriotic String Lights Ι Mason Jar Candles

If you are short on time, it doesn’t get much easier than dropping some red and blue food coloring into flower vases to make your space look festive. If you have time to kill, I would go for the Patriotic String Lights. They will look super cute when it gets dark.

fourth of july drinks

Firecracker Jello Cups Ι Red White and Blue Sangria Ι Refreshing Strawberry Tea

Drinks are a huge aspect of any party. If your guests are drunk enough they won’t care about the food or decor since they will be three sheets to the wind. To make the Firecracker Jello Cups adult friendly, sub half of the cold water with the vodka of your choice.

fourth of july food

Slow Cooker Smoky Baked Beans Ι Blue Cheese Stuffed Burger Ι Creamy Pesto Pasta Salad Ι Parmesan Garlic Grilled Corn Ι Beer Cheese Chicken Pretzel Sliders

The key to a great BBQ is the food. BBQ cuisine is all about grilling, pasta salad and baked beans. The Creamy Pesto Pasta Salad is a fancy twist on a BBQ Classic. If you’re short on time grab a rotisserie chicken to make the Beer Sliders recipe even simpler.

fourth of july desserts

Apple, Rhubarb and Raspberry Pie Ι Coconut Water and Berry Popsicles Ι Red, White and Blue Berry Cake Ι Red, White and Blue Fruit Salad Ι Summer Berry Tart

The dessert has to be my favorite aspect of a party (really aspect of life). If you are looking for a healthy option, a berry fruit salad it the perfect choice. Or if you are planning a cookout BBQ by the pool, coconut water and berry popsicles are both tasty and healthy!