Whole30 Week 2 Recap

whole 30 diet week 2 recap

In case you missed my first post on my #whole30 challenge, read it here! Lets just say that overall, week two was no walk in the park. Even though my body wasn’t hurting as much, I still missed sugar…and bread….and peanut butter…and oatmeal…I mean the list goes on. Read my week 2 recap below! Please enjoy and live vicariously through my misery.


Day 8
So I know you are not supposed to weigh yourself on Whole30 but I couldn’t help it. I needed some sort of encouragement that all this misery was paying off. I mean every time I tell someone I am doing the Whole30, they give me the weirdest look and ask all confused, “But why?” GOOD FUCKING QUESTION! Anyways, I’m down four pounds and I feel like a newborn baby! The doughnut craving isn’t as strong as it was in the beginning of the first week but I would still do some pretty unethical things for a slice of cake or some ice cream.

Day 9
WOW. Today I ate a Pineapple Upside Down Cake Larabar (the closest thing to cake I’ll be getting to cake for another 21 days, but who is counting?!) and it was so good. It tasted like a sweet slice of heaven. I will say though, I really think my taste buds are starting to change because I thought it was almost too sweet. I literally don’t even know who I am anymore.

Day 10
whole 30 cupcakesSomeone at work today brought in cupcakes and sat them right across from desk. I MEAN REALLY. WHAT AM I BEING PUNISHED FOR?! As I was sitting at my desk, I felt like they were all staring deep into my soul chanting “EAT US, EAT US, EAT US!” so I decided to relocate into the conference room for the day. Throw in some last minute canceled meetings and a bland turkey burger with some veggies for lunch and you can only imagine the fantastic mood I was in *rolls eyes*

Day 11
whole 30 sushiAM: I know that fruit strips are frowned upon during the Whole30 but I found a brand at Whole Foods that has zero added sugar and all the sugar comes directly from the fruit. Thank god I found these because they have been a godsend for this fantastic day I am having. Tonight I’m going to get some sushi (with my coconut-amino-acid-pretend-soy-sauce of course) and I am so excited. I love sushi.
PM: Let me correct my earlier statement, I don’t love sushi. I love sushi rolls covered in rice. Sashimi is not covered in rice and therefore I did not like it and will not be getting sushi on this diet again. It was so torturous to eat raw fish slices, while my boyfriend chowed down on actual sushi rolls. I mean I am half Asian, I was basically drolling across the table watching him eat rice.

Day 12
Today I went rock climbing which was a nice change from my normal workouts. Of course I ate before and brought Epic Bars and RX Bars in case I got hungry and didn’t have anything to eat. This whole no sugar/grains/anything remotely tasty rule makes my weekends suck so much ass. Uh I’m sorry but watching Netflix on a Saturday really isn’t as much fun as when you’re watching it with your boys, Ben and Jerry. How many more days are left?

Day 13
If you know me, you know I love Sweedish Princess Cake. The only place I have ever been able to find it is at Ikea, so everytime I make a trip to Ikea, I always get some. Well today, I went to Ikea and I left empty handed. Instead of leaving with four delicious cakes covered in marzipan, I left with three boxes of shitty furniture. By the way if anyone wants to like totally ruin their day, go to Ikea on a Sunday afternoon (preferably around 3pm) and then just as you’re walking out, make sure it starts to downpour. I swear, it works every time! The plus about today was seeing John Mayer in concert. Not so much the being surrounded by a bunch of people drinking beer, eating french fries and chicken tenders.

Day 14
Carrot Cake Larabar. MY. NEW. FAVORITE. OMG GET IN MY MOUTH. This is the greatest thing I have eaten in two weeks. I had to go to a spin class today because I forgot to cancel and I actually had such a good workout. Like my workouts are so much better now that I am not eating a bunch of fried, processed and sugary foods. Don’t get me wrong though, I still want to eat all of the above.


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