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Desserts Perfect For The Superbowl

If you know me at all, you know I love themed parties and the Superbowl isn’t any different! Every year we go to a family Superbowl party and I always bring football-themed desserts. I haven’t decided what I am bringing this year but I can guarantee you it will be delicious and football-themed! Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@blazersandbluejeans) to see what I end up making. Check out my football desserts through the years and some really cool Superbowl dessert ideas I’ve found!

In 2016 I made jersey and football rice krispie treats. These were a little more time consuming because I decorated the jerseys to look like the actual football jerseys for each of the teams.
football themed rice krispie treats
To make the jerseys, I simply used this cookie cutter when I was shaping the rice krispie treats. It is much easier to do it that way when the marshmallows are warm rather than pressing them into a sheet and using the cookie cutter to cut them out. You could also use this cookie cutter for the footballs rather than free shaping them or this set if you want all the football themed cookie cutters.

football themed dessert ideas
In 2017, I couldn’t decide what to make so I went a little overboard. I made royal icing sugar cookies decorated as football plays and the football field, chocolate covered strawberries that looked like footballs and football-shaped brownies.
royal icing superbowl sugar cookies
A close up of the royal icing cookies. I used Sweet Sugarbelle’s royal icing recipe and Sally’s Baking Addiction sugar cookie recipe.

football themed desserts
Last year I made rice krispie treats shaped as football fields, which were super easy by the way. Along with some yummy buttercream iced football cookies.
superbowl desserts
For the football cookies I followed Jenny Cookies recipe and technique. Buttercream is much easier to work with if you’re new to cookie decorating so I recommend that over royal icing.

Here are some of my favorite baking tools that I use in my own kitchen!

I am not a hundred percent sure what kind of football themed desserts I am going to make this year but here are some really cool ideas I have found!

superbowl brownies
These brownies are seriously the easiest Superbowl themed dessert to make. Check out Betty Crocker for the full directions.

football chocolate covered strawberries
These are another super easy football dessert. All you need are strawberries, chocolate, and either a Ziploc or piping bag. Food Network has all the instructions.

superbowl rice krispie treat
I have made rice krispie treats in the shape of football fields and footballs. Thats What Che Said has everything you need to make these super cute footballs.

superbowl desserts
Who doesn’t love edible cookie dough?! Life, Love & Sugar has everything you need to know to make these super cute cookie dough football treats.

superbowl cake pops
If you love cake pops, these football shaped cake pops are perfect for you! Baked With Love and Butter gives you a play by play on how to make these.

superbowl desserts
If you’re looking something a little easier tha cake pops and doesn’t require baking, these football field oreo pops are perfect for you. Easy Bake has all the information to make these!

superbowl football helmet dessert
These super adorable football helmets are perfect if you don’t want to bake anything. Check out Snack Works for the instructions.
buttercream icing football cookies
These are the sugar cookies I made last year and they were a huge hit. Jenny Cookies has the perfect buttercream icing and sugar cookie recipe.

football field cupcakes
I have never made football themed cupcakes for the Superbowl so I am leaning towards making these this year. Cakewalker has the instructions on how to decorate these super cute football field cookies. If you don’t have the right tip, just use a Ziploc with some holes poked in the corner for the same effect.
football woopie pie dessert
Another football themed dessert I would love to make for the Superbowl are these football shaped whoopie pies. I have never made whoopie pies before and Jenny Steffens makes it look so easy!

football themed dessert dip
I have also never made a dessert dip and this one is super easy and looks perfect for any Superbowl party! Creative Juice has everything you need for this football dessert.
football field cookie
These football field cookies are a little different than the ones I made but they would be a hit at any Superbowl party! Check out Wilton for the decorating instructions.

Are you going to a Superbowl party this year? I would love to see what you make in the comments! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram so you can see what kinds of desserts I make for this years Superbowl!

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