• new years resolutions tools
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    Tools To Help You Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions!

    Every year I make new year’s resolutions. I like to reflect on the last year and think of the accomplishments I made, things I could improve on, and new goals I want to set. A new year reminds me of starting a fresh, clean slate where I can accomplish literally anything. If you’re looking for tips and tricks to sticking to your new year’s resolutions all year long, check out my blog post, 6 Tips to Keep Your New Years Resolutions All Year Long. In this blog post, I’ve looked at the most popular new years resolutions and found tools and resources to help you stick to your resolutions all…

  • december 2018 wallpaper
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    2018 December Wallpapers

    I know I am a little late than normal on my December wallpapers post but I was at a wedding this weekend and didn’t have time get it together beforehand! There are so many festive December wallpapers and I’m happy it’s finally socially acceptable to be in the Christmas spirit. But let’s be honest, my decorations have been up since the beginning of November 🙂 If you haven’t already, check out my Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide. It has gift ideas for that special guy in your life, gal pal, mom, and white elephant, plus gifts are as low as $10! And if you are looking for a super simple dessert for your…

  • blazers and blue jeans ultimate gift guide
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    The Blazers and Blue Jeans Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

    If I am being totally honest, I have already done 75% of my Christmas shopping. I am the kind of person that will buy stuff throughout the year when I see something that would make the perfect gift for someone. There are a few people that are a little more challenging to shop for which is why I made my holiday gift guide. Whether it’s your best gal pal, husband, mother-in-law, or white elephant, I’ve got you covered. Plus some of these items are as low as $10 so there really is something for everyone! Just click on the images to shop. Happy Holidays!   If your girlfriends are anything…

  • keto diet review
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    My 30 Day Keto Diet Diary

    To no surprise, I really lack self-control when it comes to sweets. I can never have just one cookie or a bite of cake. I always overindulge in sweets and end up feeling sick. It’s a vicious cycle and I never learn my lesson. I am the kind of person where I either eat whatever I want or I follow a strict diet that doesn’t allow me to have sweets. This is why I diet all the time and have tried Whole30, 21 Day Fix and The Bone Broth Diet. I had heard of the Keto Diet before and was very intrigued by it. You don’t get to eat carbs (which…

  • November 2018 Calendar Wallpapers
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    November 2018 Calendar Wallpapers

    Happy November! I hope everyone is enjoying pumpkin spice everything and the sweater weather! I know it is only the beginning of November but I already started making my Christmas list and I even started buying Christmas gifts. If you know me at all, you know that I am such a planner and want to make sure I don’t forget anyone on my list! Am I the only one already thinking about Christmas before Thanksgiving has even happened? Speaking of Thanksgiving, be sure to check out my Cookie Butter Pie Recipe! It is a no-bake pie and I only make it around the holidays and let me tell you it is quite the…