• Weekend in San Diego and La Jolla
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    A Perfect Weekend in San Diego

      The last time I went to California was when I was in high school and while I was there, I visited San Jose and San Francisco. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit San Diego for work, and of course, I had to extend my trip so I could really explore San Diego and La Jolla. As usual, I did a ton of research and planning as to what the best restaurants were and different sites we could see. Here is my San Diego travel guide with some of my favorite things we did while we were in San Diego and La Jolla (as well as a few things…

  • best thrift stores in manhattan
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    My Favorite Thrift Stores in Manhattan

    Something my mom and I love to do together is going to thrift stores. We love looking around at all the different knick-knacks and finding good deals on designer stuff. So when I was planning our trip to New York City, of course, I had to do some research on thrift stores. We went to both thrift stores and vintage shops while we were in New York City, but I found that a lot of the vintage shops offered truly vintage stuff, like stuff from the 60’s and 70’s at a much higher price point. I was more interested in finding designer stuff and unique knick-knacks. Below are four of…

  • sweet spots in new york_ dominique ansel bakery_cronut
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    7 Sweet Spots in New York City

    My recent trip to New York City was filled with lots of tasty foods and if you know me at all, you know I am all about the sweets! I did a lot of research before going to New York City and am happy to share with you all, my favorite sweet spots in the city. Trust me, there were a couple of spots that I wanted to go to but because I can only eat so many cookies before going into a diabetic coma, I didn’t get a chance to go to them. I plan on going to New York City again so if there are any bakery spots…

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    Europe Travel Guide

    Back in May, I went on an amazing trip to Europe for 3.5 weeks. I spent hours upon hours looking atΒ travel blogs, Pinterest, Trip Advisor and Eurail.com so I could plan every moment of my trip. I was so OCD about this trip that I created a color coordinated calendar with all of our tours and attractions on it. I know, I need help. When I got back from Europe I thought to myself, “I put in a lot of time and research into this trip and learned a lot along the way, so why don’t I share all of it?” I figured that all of my hard work could…