March 2016 Wallpaper Round Up

I have a friend in my graduate program who always has the cutest monthly wallpapers on her laptop. I was so inspired (and a little envious) of her trendy wallpaper that I went in search of my own monthly themed wallpaper.

I’ve searched near and far to bring you 27 inspiring wallpapers for the month of March. Now all you have to do is pick one…or seven. Enjoy!

Here’s a tip- download your favorites and create a background slide show that changes throughout the day. That way when you’re sitting in your cube, staring at your computer screen at 3pm you get a change of scenery and will gain enough motivation to finish the work day.


march set 1

Every Tuesday  | 2 Blushed | 3 Card Store | 4 Clara Bour | 5 Dawn Nicole Designs | 6 Design Is Yay | 7 Design Milk | 8 Designer Blogs | 9 Free People

march set 2

10 Design Milk | 11 Going Home To Roost | 12 Gretchen Berry Design Co | 13 Lily & Val | 14 May Designs | 15 Minding My Nest | 16 Mint For Hue | 17 Nueve Mil Kilometros | 18 Oana Befort

march set 3

19 Paper Leaf | 20 Rae Ritchie | 21 Salt Design | 22 Sarah Hearts | 23 Sugar Paper | 24 The Blog Market | 25 To Live Beautifully | 26 Tory Burch | 27 Uppercase Designs


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