St. Patrick’s Day Treats

I remember back in college, we would celebrate St. Patrick’s day by skipping class to drink green beer and Irish car bombs. Nowadays, St. Patrick’s day is filled with Irish themed potlucks at the office and maybe a Guinness at Happy Hour.

Whether you’re making treats for a St. Patrick’s Day themed party or bringing something to the office, I’ve got you covered with these five easy St. Patrick’s Day Treats! And a green apple sangria recipe because, well, sangria makes everything better.


1. Hidden Pot of Gold Brownie Cups

St. Patrick's Day Hidden Pot of Gold Brownie Cups!
The surprise gold sprinkles in the middle add the perfect crunch.

2. Leprechaun Cookies

Pistachio and Chocolate Leprechaun Cookies on
A tasty way to switch up the classic chocolate chip cookie.

3. St.Patricks Day Rice Krispy Treats

Lucky Rice Krispie Treats

Now you have an excuse to buy Lucky Charms.

4. Baileys Irish Cream Puppy Chow

Baileys Irish Cream Puppy Chow

An adult twist on an old favorite.



The mint flavor is very subtle and pairs perfectly with the chocolate flavoring.


Green Apple Sangria


A light and refreshing sangria that’s perfect for spring time.