September 2017 Wallpapers

september 2017 calendar backgrounds

Happy September guys! I’m sure you might have noticed a couple new things on the blog. I felt like after a year and a half, it needed a little face lift. I hope you like the new blog and logo and hopefully, it’s easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Let me know what you think!
ICYMI (in case you missed it, for those of you who don’t know what ICYMI stood for) I was completing the #Whole30 in August and have weekly posts about my experience. Check out Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3! I am currently doing the reintroduction phase so I am not totally out of the woods yet but I’ll be posting my Week 4 in a few days and an overview post so stay tuned!
Oh and we also launched a Blazers and Blue Jeans Instagram so be sure to give us a follow @blazersandbluejeans!

blazers and blue jeans signature

eptember 2017 calendar backgrounds Ι Inkstruck Studio
Clementine Creative Ι Wazz Publishing

eptember 2017 calendar backgrounds

By Dawn Nicole Ι Red Stamp
Flipsnack Ι Designer Blogs

eptember 2017 calendar backgrounds

Mel Armstrong Ι Minding My Nest
Kelly Sugar Crafts Ι Virgo and Paper

eptember 2017 calendar backgrounds

Soggy Musings Ι Loveilee
Smashing Magazine Ι Candidly Keri

eptember 2017 calendar backgrounds

Kate Spade Ι Sarah Hearts
Every Tuesday Ι Sugar Paper LA

september 2017 calendar wallpapers

Susan Chiang Ι Edens Garden
To Live Beautifully Ι Meschroniques Beaute

september 2017 calendar wallpapers

Lilly and Val Ι Giants and Pilgrims
Clara Bour Ι Britt Fabello

september 2017 calendar wallpapers

Paper Leaf Ι Rae Ritchie
Going Home to Roost Ι May Designs

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