Whole30 Week 4 Recap

whole30 diet review

The end of the #whole30 challenge is near and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!! Thank god! I know this post is a little delayed but thanks to Hurricane Irma, I have been a little preoccupied and I just rejoined the world wide web this morning thanks to a 5 day no internet cleanse (thanks Spectrum!) In case you missed my first post on my #whole30 challenge, read it here, if you want to read my week 2 recap, read it here or if you want to read my third week of misery, catch it here. Read the last week of my Whole30 journey below! Or if you would like to read about all of my diet experiences (including the Bone Broth Diet and Keto Diet), visit here!


Day 22
AM: Before I even thought about doing the Whole30, I made reservations to eat at Bern’s Steakhouse to celebrate my mom’s birthday. If you haven’t heard of Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa, look it up. It is a pretty well known steakhouse and they have their own Dessert Room upstairs (need I say more?!). When I decided to do the Whole30, I told myself that I would be able to cheat for this one meal because who the hell goes to Bern’s on a diet?! Well the day has finally come and I decided I need to stay strong and stick to my diet. I am not a steak eater, really even a beef eater so figuring out what to eat is going to be incredibly difficult. Ah hopefully I don’t stab myself with one of their fancy steak knives.

PM: What an incredibly hard dinner that was. Every time the waiter brought us food, I kindly said no and just watched my mom and brother eat it. I mean if I had to imagine the pain I would feel turning away $100 for no reason, this would be it. The worst part was the dessert room. I mean I LOVE DESSERT more than most things in life and while my brother ate his banana cheese pie and my mom had her dessert sampler, which had 5 different desserts, I ate a carrot cake Larabar. I SWEAR A PART OF ME DIED TONIGHT. The silver lining is that I ordered not one but two desserts to go to put in my freezer so I can enjoy them post Whole30. Muahahahaha.

whole 30 diet reviewMe staring at my moms desserts while she laughs at my misery.

Day 23
Today wasn’t too bad. My work has a program called Well-being Wednesday and they encourage you to wear workout clothes to work and they usually have different vendors there that are health and wellness related. Today Hand and Stone Massage was there giving massages. Oh how I love my job! Tomorrow I also have a biometric screening at work for my health insurance and talk about good timing. Since I have been doing the Whole30 and losing weight, I should pass all my numbers with flying colors. FINGERS CROSSED.

Day 24
OH MY GOD. I had my biometric screening today at work and I shit you not, I was in total shock. I passed all of my numbers for cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI (which has like never fucking happened before), triglycerides, I mean you name it and I passed it. When I did my screening in March this year, I didn’t pass my BMI and I was borderline with my cholesterol. I was shocked about my BMI because even though I had lost weight, I didn’t think it was enough to pass. I remember back when I was in college, I gained 30 pounds my sophomore year (ha screw the freshmen 15, I am an overachiever clearly.) I went to my annual and they decided to do some blood work since I had gained weight. When they checked my triglycerides, they were so high (like in the 230’s) that my doctor made me see a nutritionist. This time when they checked my triglyceride levels, they were 89!!! Like holy shit, talk about a 180! *picks up jaw off the ground*

Day 25
Que Vanessa Carlton’s Ordinary Day. I think now I have come to terms with how sucky my life has become when it comes to food. I only have 5 more days left and now I have come to terms with this diet. Story of my life.

Day 26
So tomorrow I am going to a Game of Thrones finale party and of course I decided that I was going to bake something to bring. Not just one cake BUT TWO AND SOME BAKED BRIE. Again, such an overachiever. I usually like to try new recipes when it comes to baking but since I can’t taste test any of it I decided to stick to my boxed mix (tweaked with some extra ingredients) and a cream cheese recipe that had like 2000 positive reviews on All Recipes. Ugh making cakes when you cant have any is hard, I mean a little piece of me died when I walked to the sink to wash the dishes without licking the bowl or spatula. Who does that?! I have good faith that these cakes will look and taste delish though!

Day 27
OMG as if decorating these cakes wasn’t enough, having to look and smell them all day was down right torturous! Not to mention the baked brie that looked SOOO good. They were all a huge hit at the party and I was a sad little girl eating my Whole30 orange chicken I made while everyone was eating dinner rolls and cheese. I did manage to save myself a slice of each so I can taste them post Whole30. I swear right now my freezer looks like the dessert section of Publix and I’m not angry about it.

Day 28
Started off my day running late and when I got to work I realized I forgot my laptop at home. That has pretty much set the tone for the rest of the day. I could really use a Dunkin Donuts iced latte and a doughnut to make me feel better. But instead I’ll have a cup of beef bone broth and a bowl of mixed berries, same thing right?

Day 29
SWEET BABY JESUS, THE END IS NEAR. Of course, now that I am finally used to the Whole30, I am almost done with it. I am going to do a reintroduction phase after I am done so technically I still have another 11 days left but still. SO CLOSE

Day 30
Ah the last day. I imagine the way I feel right now is the same way people feel when they are on ecstasy,  so excited you just want to dance! I keep thinking about all the desserts I have stockpiled in my freezer and which one I am going to have first. After the reintroduction phase of course tehehe. I made a list of the different foods I am going to eat during the reintroduction phase and I am sooooo excited to eat sushi again. I mean I am half Asian, eating rice like 3x a week is in my blood, its only natural I am most excited to eat it again. Oh an peanut butter, peanut butter is LIFE.  I went to a spin class today and had a really good ride. I wasn’t in the mood to go but when I got there I told myself to finish strong and really pushed myself. I am so happy I am about to finally cross the finish line.

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