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Whole30 Reintroduction Phase

whole30 reintroduction phase

I seriously can not even believe that I completed the #Whole30. Six months ago, if you would have told me that I would be able to survive a month without sugar, dairy, and bread, I would have laughed in your face. Yet here we are and I still find myself laughing. I am only laughing because I was so miserable during the Whole30 and didn’t actually accept how awful my life was until like day 27. If you want to read my weekly recaps check them out here: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4.
Originally when I was planning my Reintroduction Phase, I was going to spread it across ten days but because of Hurricane Irma and my stress levels, I condensed it to 7. Check out my recap of my Whole30 Reintroduction Phase below! Or if you would like to read about all of my diet experiences (including the Bone Broth Diet and Keto Diet), visit here!


Day 1 [Reintroducing Legumes]
I have never been this excited about peanut butter in my life. I put it on my banana this morning and I swear I felt like someone could have cut off my fingers and I would have been okay with it, as long as I had that peanut butter and banana in my mouth. After that I proceeded to just eat the peanut butter straight and I was just in heaven. I got home and had peanut butter on my apple. I just couldn’t stop!

Day 2
Well this is super depressing. I ate so much peanut butter yesterday and now I can’t eat any. I put almond butter on my apple and it just wasn’t the same. Anyone who tells you that almond butter is better than peanut butter really needs to re-evaluate their life because peanut butter is LIFE. I also brought in chocolate chip cookies to work and I didn’t have one, not even a crumb. Before Whole30, I would have probably had like 3 and guess what, I don’t even like chocolate chip cookies! Since I felt fine today, I decided to skip the 2 days and have sushi tomorrow. Or maybe it’s because I am so freaking excited to eat sushi, I can’t wait any longer!

Day 3 [Reintroduting Nongluten Grains]
I feel like I have been waiting for this day my whole life. I looked at the sushi menu and I literally couldn’t even decide what to order because I wanted it all. Usually when I get sushi I get two rolls and they are most likely fried in some way. I decided to switch it up and ordered two raw rolls and two pieces of nigiri because everything is so much better with rice. Surprisingly, I only managed to eat half of each roll and a piece of nigiri before I tapped out. I swear the Whole30 made my stomach shrink because I was sooo full and couldn’t eat anymore after only one roll. Oh sushi how I missed you.

Day 4
Wow I woke up with a pounding headache and I am not sure if it is from the sushi or if I just randomly got a headache. I stuck to my usual Whole30 day eating wise, with the exception of some much needed Advil to get my headache under control. I felt better towards the end of the day but I am really hoping it wasn’t the sushi that gave me a headache because that would be really depressing for me. An Asian that can’t eat sushi, that sounds so unnatural and it even pains me to type it.

Day 5
Since I am not sure what caused my headache, I am sticking to my Whole30 diet today and not reintroducing any new food. Even though I know I am okay with peanut butter, I want to make sure my body feels good before I start to eat the reintroduced foods on a regular basis. Oh peanut butter, how much I miss you!

Day 6 [Reintroduce Dairy]
Ahh another day I have been waiting for. I already don’t drink milk so I don’t care about that but oh how I have missed cheese and ice cream. I decided to have a couple spoonfuls of Halotop Ice Cream, I know it’s not real ice cream but it’s what I had in my freezer. Either I haven’t had ice cream in such a long time so I forgot what it tasted like or Halotop is the shit. Birthday Cake Halotop everyday! I also had a few bites of coconut cream pie and it was soo tasty. But after three bites I felt content with how much I ate and didn’t feel like I needed to eat anymore. Man this Whole30 has really done a number on my sweet tooth, thank god. Maybe I have a chance at not becoming a diabetic after all.

Day 7 [Reintroduce Gluten Containing Grains]
So I woke up this morning feeling fine and when I got to the office, I found out they were having pizza delivered for lunch. I couldn’t say no! There were also some garlic knots but I told myself that if I ate pizza, I could only have one slice and I had to eat it with fruit. So I did and it was so delish. After I ate my slice, I felt full and content like I didn’t want another slice because I satisfied my pizza craving. I love pizza and only having one slice and feeling okay is a pretty big deal for me. Through the reintroduction phase, I have learned that things in moderation are okay and if I am craving something, it really only takes a few bites for me to satisfy my craving.