blazers and blue jeans ultimate gift guide
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The Blazers and Blue Jeans Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

If I am being totally honest, I have already done 75% of my Christmas shopping. I am the kind of person that will buy stuff throughout the year when I see something that would make the perfect gift for someone. There are a few people that are a little more challenging to shop for which is why I made my holiday gift guide.

Whether it’s your best gal pal, husband, mother-in-law, or white elephant, I’ve got you covered. Plus some of these items are as low as $10 so there really is something for everyone! Just click on the images to shop. Happy Holidays!

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girlfriend holiday gift guide

If your girlfriends are anything like mine, they can be hard to shop for. They usually buy everything they want and never really drop hints that they want something (well when they do drop hints it’s usually for something super expensive, like love ya gal but I’m not buying you a $500 iPad). Here are some perfect holiday gifts that will be sure to make your bestest gal pal smile.


husband holiday gift guide

Whether it’s your boyfriend, husband, or dad, any of these would make the best holiday gift for the man in your life. I’ve purchased several of these items for my boyfriend and he has loved every single one of them, especially the Dewalt Drill Kit. I really bought that gift so he could help me do stuff around the house with it so it was really a gift for both of us.




mother holiday gift guide

9/10 times if you ask my mom what she wants for Christmas, she will say “Nothing, save your money.” She is probably the most difficult person to shop for because she has everything and never asks for anything. Except for this year, she asked for a Firestick, with instructions on how to use it, so she can watch Netflix. Here are some things that would make the perfect holiday gift for your mom this holiday season.




white elephant holiday gift guide

Ahh the dreaded white elephant! It is almost impossible to find a gift that everyone will love, unless it’s money. I usually bring some type of alcohol, but I think this year I will do something a little different. Here are some neutral holiday white elephant gift ideas that will be sure to make anyone happy!